Give Up


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump

Give up is an exciting leisure game. Here, you will help the little blue man reach the door and enter. However, this journey is not as simple as imagined. You need to adapt to the changes in the levels and the improvement of the difficulty. You need to use your skills flexibly to help the Blue Man complete the levels and win the game.

Give up’s game operations

In Give up, you will use the direction keys to help the little blue man move inside the game screen and use the up key to jump while double-clicking the up key can make it climb higher to the height you want.

Give up game content

The first checkpoint is very simple, control the little blue man to run in the direction of the gate. But as you go through more inspections, the more pitfalls and obstacles you face. There will be falling rocks, sharp spikes, etc., which will prevent you from entering the end of the door completely. If you hit these obstacles, then you will die and need to start to conquer this level again.

Give up’s game features

It is a simple platform game, easy to control; There are many levels in Giving up. You need to be flexible to let the Blue Man avoid obstacles and reach the end of the gate.

Do you have enough patience?  Can you continue fighting after many defeats?  If you are such a person, you can choose to give up.  Here you will accurately control the challenge of the character’s crossing points, but with your progress and success, the difficulties you face will increase. How many levels can you keep going?  The same is true of the age of war, where you must control your weapons and fire them onto the opponent’s castle so that he can knock down all his bases. Then you will win the game and successfully protect your kingdom.

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